Communal Reflective/Narrative Learning from the Crisis-Related Experience: A Potential Member Care Practice

현대선교 14 (Current Mission Trends): “선교적 교회”. 발행 : 2012년 12월 1일, 서울:GMF Press. 수록면 : 143-160.

Eun Ah Cho
EunAh Cho is a Ph.D. candidate at Fuller Theological Seminary’s School of Intercultural Studies. She and her husband SungGeol Chun did missionary service in Kazakhstan, and she now teaches leadership at Fuller and international studies at Seoul Women’s University.

Member care practices are meant to be offered lifelong, over the entire cycle of a missionary life. Though there may be a variety of ways of dividing it, for the purpose of this article, I decided to divide it into two major phases: pre- and post- crisis.

The first half of the article is thus dedicated to discussing structured communal learning from senior missionaries’ crisis-related experience as a potential pre-crisis member care practice for pre-field missionaries and the second half, suggesting Communal Reflective/Narrative Learning Model (See Figure 3) as a viable complement to debriefing which could serve in- and/or post-field missionaries as a post-crisis member care practice.

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